Weekly Law Firm Tips: Using Per Diem Attorneys

One of the biggest challenges associated with running a smaller firm is being able to help clients through a variety of issues. Sometimes there is a case that may not fall under the purview of your attorneys.

Say your client is facing a charge related to a DUI. But the reason you are managing your client is to handle their business and financial affairs. It is the type of law you practice at the firm. Some clients may have another law firm for such matters. But if your client does not, he may want you to provide assistance.

How are you going to help your client? Even though a DUI case is not complicated, it is not your speciality. You have never gone before a judge for a DUI case. You have two choices. You can either pass off your client to another firm for the case. Or you can hire a per diem attorney to help you.

The latter option is the best one. When you hire a per diem attorney, you are still in charge. You can have the per diem lawyer serve as second chair on the case. They would have experience with DUIs. If you have any points of enquiry or confusion, you can easily ask them for help. It is the best way to ensure that you are providing your client with a full defense while keeping him with your firm.

The reason smaller firms are reluctant to go the per diem route is self sufficiency. You want to do everything on your own. You want to prove to the community that you can start up a small firm and handle your case load.

But representing your clients is not about ego or proving anything. It is about giving them a great defense. And if that means hiring a per diem attorney for a few days, it is the route you should take.