About Us

Getting together with other people from the same profession is one of the best feelings. It gives you a sense of satisfaction to know that others in the area have the same professional experiences as you. Sometimes you can talk about issues you are having. Or you can just engage in random conversation with like-minded individuals. Such communities are so helpful. It is why we decided to create an online community for lawyers in Colorado.

Our goal was to create a place where any lawyer in the Colorado area could sign up and start using the site. We are a free site, which means there is no charge for using our forums or reading the exclusive content we provide. And it is our forums where most of the action happens. We have split up the forums into different sections, making it easy for you to engage in conversation on different topics.

Say you want to talk about a high profile case that is going on in Colorado. Someone will post up a relevant article in the forums and everyone else can comment below. It is that easy to start up a discussion. You can even create your own topics, if you feel some issue is not being talked about enough. The forums are for the community – you dictate the content!

Aside from our forums, we also have sections that are designed to help lawyers in the area. We have a weekly tips section, where we give advice to newer firms that are attempting to gain a larger market share in Colorado. We always want to help up and coming firms, especially those who are operating with less than five lawyers. We know the challenges of running a small law firm, having done so for many years ourselves. And we hope our tips can help others find success too.